IGNEA Video: “Şeytanu Akbar”

“Şeytanu Akbar” is a special song from “The Sign of Faith”, also presented visually in surrealistic style with references to Salvador Dali. The video is created by talented Masha Goruliova from Hello, Pigeon! Sound by our beloved sound producer Max…

About Support or IGNEA to Friends and Fans

Hey guys, 

Today we’d like to speak about support. As you may know, IGNEA and lots of other emerging bands are so called Do It Yourself artists. What does that mean? That means that we do everything on our own: writing and recording music, promoting our band, paying for the studio time and mixing our tracks, for shooting videos and all the stuff. We therefore would like to speak on behalf of all such artists and bands today and thank you for your endless support, be it buying our tracks or just writing motivating comments. This is an unbelievable experience and this is what makes us move on. 

For you to understand, music is still the core of everything that we do. This is like a house we all live in. But it needs money for a good house foundation, for having the walls painted well, and for being able to arrange huge parties and have all the friends invited. 

How Can you Help Us, Artists? 


IGNEA — Petrichor: The Story Behind

Back in 2014, we were called Parallax and have released a single called Petrichor. 


Petrichor is the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil. This is a Greek word, a blend of petra meaning “stone”, ”related to rocks”, and ichor, the fluid that flows in the veins of the gods in Greek mythology.

Oriental Metal: Genre, Bands and Controversies

What is oriental metal? This is one of the first questions we get when introducing our band IGNEA. Perhaps, this genre is not as clear and well-known as death metal or metalcore, but still it has its representatives, key features, and listeners.


New Video: Halves Rupture Guitar Playthrough

We're glad to present a brand new video with Dmitri performing a guitar playthrough on our track "Halves Rupture". The video features a guest star — Leviathan the Cat. 

P.S. Please note that this is a demo track…