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The Realms of Fire and Death CD Digi

The Realms of Fire and Death CD Digi

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6-panel digi CD with a colourful booklet. Can be signed upon request, just drop us an email to after you place the order.

The Realms of Fire and Death is a concept album with strong story-telling, metaphors, symbols, and is accompanied by a book of short tales incorporating the lyrics of each song. It is divided into three major parts, each consisting of 3 songs. Songs of each part are outlining a certain separate story, bringing the themes of fire and death from various perspectives.


  1. Queen Dies
  2. Чорне Полум’я
  3. Our of My Head
  4. Í Tokuni
  5. Too Late to Be Born
  6. What For
  7. Gods of Fire
  8. Jinnslammer
  9. Disenchantment
  10. Black Flame (Bonus)