IGNEA — Queen Dies (Lyrics)


An ancient prophecy appeared erewhile to me, 

I would be dead by hand of power-hungry twin,

There is so much to do as long as I am queen,

Cost what it may, I’ll fight the fate, I am to win.



Convene all twins in kingdom, slay them all

Сut throats, throw out the guts and daunt

Let them be warning for anyone who fakes

Their souls and bodies for my death men await



A replica of me, forgive, you'll have to die,

For sake of our peoplehood and prosper land,

I’ll cut you gently without tiny scent of shy,

Your sacrifice me and my nation will defend. 





IGNEA — Şeytanu Akbar (Lyrics)

Yet well I love thy mixed and massive piles 

Half church of Allah, half castle 'gainst distraught

And long to roam those venerable aisles

With records stored of deeds long since forgot.


My children vanished below the sign of faith

Your mark of Allah is carved upon their graves

You hide in peace but disappear in grief

I’m bringing death to you, I shout Şeytanu Akbar!


Your aim is fake, your point is to destroy

And rise empire upon infidel ash

You laud Allah, the only god sways peace

Peace built by death of all unfaithful thrash.


Fascism is obsolete — you claim erasing woes

Raсism is dead — and you destroy the others

You Allah leads to world thriving in peace

But only you are worthy for this peace, I disagree, Şeytanu Akbar!

Yet well I love thy mixed and massive piles

The church of Allah, you’re ruined, you’re destroyed

I will roam free these venerable aisles

I’ll be in memory of world, as I’ve enjoyed, Şeytanu Akbar!

IGNEA — Alexandria (Lyrics)

I ruin you because I can

I feel my might and touch my strength

I’ll breathe your ashes at the dawn

My slaves will burn 


I ruin you because I can 

You wreck and that has gorgeous smell

Your walls are flinders in my eyes

I clip and you are shredded


Alexandria, I lay my head beneath your legs

Alexandria, the city by the wisemen blessed

Alexandria, your beauty splendidly undressed


I ruin you because I want

A brick by brick, a bone by bone

No one shall drop a hint of doubt 

Who is plebeian and who’s God


I ruin you because I want

For me, there is no law, no Lord

With secret knowledge I’m divine

I reckon you are only mine


Alexandria, I lay my head beneath your legs

Alexandria, here’s Nile with flaming taste caressed

Alexandria, let’s play the ritual of death

IGNEA — Petrichor (Lyrics)

Petrichor, the odor of gods,

Mighty scent, which overlord lauds.

When you come our lives begin again

Torn by thunder, you born in blessed rain.


Strike me straight, I'm dignified now 

To pronounce my Petrichoral vow.

And I am sanctified son of the gods and everyone who’s gone

I am an angel, I am voice, I am the god of my own choice.


Petrichor, the odor the gods,

Take my life in the name of our lords.

I am ready, the journey shall begin.

I am now the Petrichor within.

IGNEA — Theatre of Denial (Lyrics)

I’ve never seen my dreams come true

But I believed in you though

All hopes I built you burned in ash

And now your idle flies to thrash


I’m not an iconoclast

It’s just the end of my beliefs

And since I’m free

My faith in you is dust

Denying you I will be queen 

And since you’re free


Now is this theatre for my words

Where I declared my faith in gods

Is witness of religion’s vain

Monument of the madness grain

IGNEA — Jahi (Lyrics)

Blazing light gores possessions of Ohrmazd,

Nothing is more apart from the seen.

All intentions and thoughts of the inner

Disappear faster than they’re revealed.


You’re gravitating to the filth

And worshipping the daevas.

Though you are in the boundless beams,

I’ll put my Jahi shadow on you!


Where the darkness caresses the meadows,

Only chosen can spin in the circuit.

But the lightsome, they do have their shadows,

No one’s perfect, turns out, no one’s perfect.


Dark above the Earth,

Dark beneath the ground.

All the unexplored, 

Genuine is dark.


Darksome above the Earth,

Darksome under ground.

All occult is powerful,

Unknown is dark. 

IGNEA — Halves Rupture (Lyrics)

There is no glimpse of a previous sky

The burdens now are grey

A shade of prominence is further now

We are the demon's pray


Solstice hid above the clouds of mourn 

Moon behind shines brighter than our hearts torn


A ghost of somewhere near

Is now for miles and miles

Instead of sun amidst the sky

The burning angel flies 


I will forget the brighter times

How nights were lit by glowing moon

I won't recall your ghostly name

How warm your touches were that noon 


Solstice hid above the clouds of mourn 

Moon behind shines brighter than our hearts torn


Entwining mourn will be my friend

And all the darkness is my norm 

And never I will rise from fiend 

Until I'm buried in my tomb


Solstice hid above the clouds of mourn 

Moon behind shines brighter than our hearts torn

Stop this madness, scatter the tempest away

Sun will light our path to the freedom today

IGNEA — Last Chosen by You (Lyrics)

Tried to live under the cloth like freak

And breathe the threads of costly silk and precious gems

My pale skin untouched by sunlight beams

Is weary of your hands and your seraglio’s lamps 


I tear the veil upon my flesh

Disrupting upper hand

I could not be your friend

Bending knees as slave.


Calling you my Bahadir 

For the final time

Did you think of your end-point

When choosing me to satisfy?


Out of time to press alarm call bell,

Your hands are both cut off and bleeding crimson rain

Scream is dumb from your demanding mouth 

Cross gag made of my burqa, do you like its taste?


Sanctity is nothing against freedom

I would die by hunger but escape

Let’s rejoice my birth, my lively morphing,

Sing with me and play my wicked game

IGNEA — Alga (Lyrics)

Million days and nights before 

When only tarpans ruled this world 

Our nomad fathers took it in their hands 


Warm from coddling sun by day 

Cooled by see breezing by nights 

It is loved so hard that our heart just lights 


No one can take our land from us, it is our home 

And no one can decide for us, leave us all alone 

We will hold arms to death until the last of us stands still 

We will destroy and crush all foes, we’ll shout 'Alga!' and kill! 


Violet lilacs fill the woods, 

Meadows full of grass an fruits 

Mountain peaks of limestone pierce the blue-blue sky 


Stormy waves crash on the rocks, 

Grapes entwine the antic scree 

How can one not love this land of sun and sea? 


How dare you godless bastards step on my land? 

How dare you touch my daughters and sons? 

This will be your last steps, unless you turn, 

Put your two-headed eagle in your ass and run!

IGNEA — How I Hate the Night (Lyrics)

Now the world has gone to bed

Darkness won’t engulf my head

I can see by infrared

How I hate the night


Now I lay me down to sleep

Try to count electric sheep

Sweet dream wishes you can keep

How I hate the night

IGNEA — Leviathan (Ultra Sheriff Cover Lyrics)

Octopodi robotico - via purifico

Octopodi robotico - via purifico


Slumbering chaos - awake from sleep

Aquatic nightmare - a terror from the deep

Marine avenger - Leviathan

Singular order - this is the end of man


Evil alliance - campaign of fear

Unholy hybrid - champion of despair

Nautical triumph - human dismay

The sea is rising - to wash it all away