About Support or IGNEA to Friends and Fans

Hey guys, 

Today we’d like to speak about support. As you may know, IGNEA and lots of other emerging bands are so called Do It Yourself artists. What does that mean? That means that we do everything on our own: writing and recording music, promoting our band, paying for the studio time and mixing our tracks, for shooting videos and all the stuff. We therefore would like to speak on behalf of all such artists and bands today and thank you for your endless support, be it buying our tracks or just writing motivating comments. This is an unbelievable experience and this is what makes us move on. 

For you to understand, music is still the core of everything that we do. This is like a house we all live in. But it needs money for a good house foundation, for having the walls painted well, and for being able to arrange huge parties and have all the friends invited. 

How Can you Help Us, Artists? 

First of all, you can just share our music with other people. And please do not think that in this case you help less than those who pay for our music. Not at all! Sharing is a simple, but a very powerful way to help us grow and get more feedback on what we do from all around the world. 

Secondly, you can simply buy our music. Even if you pay $0.50 for a track, that would be great! Just remember that lots of work stands behind each song: writing, recording, mixing, mastering, creating an artwork, promoting it, etc. You can imagine that all this is not free of charge. That is why we are extremely grateful if you help us to pay off all the costs we spent to create a piece of music you are listening to. The same is with merch. We spend time and loads of money to produce all the items, store and ship them. And, believe us, we’re stunned to see that you wear our t-shirts or make a photo with our CD in your hands. That motivates us a lot!

Finally, do not forget to visit our gigs if you are able to. Of course, we try to put it all on the web, but we, artists, love to meet you IRL and share all the energy that is bumping inside us. 

On behalf of IGNEA, please know that we are not afraid to ask you for help. Even more, we do it with pleasure. And with even greater pleasure we’ll gift you a part of our souls — our music. 

Thank you for being our friends and know that we’re always open for a chat, a drink, or a hug. And if you need any help from us, let us know, we’ll try to figure something out. Cause that’s what friends do, right? 

How to Support IGNEA? 

Purchase tracks: iTunesAmazon, also available on Spotify, Deezer, Google Plus, etc. 

Buy merch here 

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Donate Bitcoins to this address: 


If you are from Ukraine, donate to our PrivatBank account: 

5363 5423 1020 2628 

Want to get a free download of IGNEA track? Just email us to band.ignea@gmail.com, tell us a bit about yourself, and what track you would like to get from us for free.