Summing Up the 2017

Yes, we will sum up our 2017 as well! Trendy stuff is trendy, you know :) So, in 2017 we have: 

- Released our first full LP; 
- Minitour'd Ukraine and played some few local festivals; 
- Sold out old EP, a line of merch and the first LP CD run; 
- Almost went in a European tour like 6 times, all attempts failed not due to us; 
- Used over 50 9-volt batteries. All of them are collected and will be utilized responsibly! 
- Were featured in Metal Hammer Germany; 
- Gathered some 3 million views of our videos on YouTube; 
- Spotified 107,393 unique listeners; 
- Released 1 lyric and 4 live videos; 
- Entered the Top 3 Best Ukrainian metal acts in 2017. 

In terms of our igneous goals for 2018, we at least hope to: 

- Play some fests (the first one in France is confirmed!); 
- Run two European tours hopefully; 
- Release new bombastic and ohmygodful videos; 
- Start working on a new album; 
- Evolve musically and bring new colourful elements to our music. 

Thank you for your boundless support and a great year and see you all next year (which is tomorrow)!