Shipping Status


Unfortunately for all of us, with the airspace restrictions came along the problems with air mail. Although the Ukrainian post is working on export, the planes carrying post, including all your orders, are very rare and often can't fit all the waiting mail.

As of the second week of June, we have only a small part of pre-orders delivered, and almost all of them are still in transit. As the recent complete shipments show, our orders require up to 60 days (two months) to reach the US. There are also problems with getting the mail into the UK, where almost none of our shipments has been delivered so far.

There is nothing we can do to this except wait for the post to appear in your mail boxes.


The Realms of Fire and Death vinyls have been pressed long ago in Czech Republic and got stuck on their way to our Belorussian partner Rockmark on the Polish-Belorussian border.

Belorussian border is closed due to the COVID-19 situation, and it is impossible to get your vinyls to send to you until it is open again.

Currently, there are no other options to obtain the vinyls except wait for the pandemic to ease on Belarus.