Shipping Status

UPD May 12, 2020: We already received all t-shirts, hoodies, beanies, patches, books, and cassettes. CDs are expected to start shipping on May 15th. Vinyls are still in production. 

As a completely DIY band, we can't afford promoting the album release twice, and have decided to release it anyway on April 17, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

The album is out now and you can enjoy it in any streaming or electronic form of your liking, however, we should admit that those who love physical appearance, will unfortunately have to wait a bit longer to put their hands on our physical releases.


We are printing the CDs in Ukraine, with the same company we have produced all our previous CD releases. Certain problems at the factory caused us to re-make the whole batch of CDs, which will now take up to 2 weeks before we get them, twice longer than usual.


Vinyls are still being manufactured in Czech republic for our partners Rock Mark Merch, who are in Belarus. Additionally, Belarussian postal service is currently in a lockdown, and other parcel services experience huge delays in shipping, hence, we are still not in possession of our vinyls and naturally can't sent them to you just yet.

Lossless Files

If you have purchased CDs and Vinyls to enjoy IGNEA in the best audio resolution, fear not! Please drop us a line with your CD, Cassette or Vinyl order number, and we will be happy to send you the download link to the album in lossless formats, WAV and FLAC.


Merch production is also slowed down due to the fact that most manufacturers are at least partially quarantined and print out the goods really slow. We are being constantly updated with the merch production timescale, and look forward to get all our shipments within a week or two.


Once we get everything from your order in our hands, we will ship it to you right away. The Ukrainian post is still working with international sends, but they are re-routed due to complete shutdown of aviation, and take more time to be delivered to you. As our latest shipments display, current delay of international parcels is around 10 days for EU orders and 2 weeks for orders to the Americas and other parts of the world.

If you were planning to grab something from our store, we recommend placing the order asap to be in the first line and also to get the size of the merch you wanted. Also, we can sign CDs on your request. Just specify the order number and send us an email.