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By choosing this option, you can simply donate funds and support our band. You can also donate more than $20 by selecting several items.

You know, for young bands, making music costs lots of money. We mostly spend, even the money we earn. To make qualitative music, videos, and, especially, tour, thousands of dollars are needed. We’ve got pretty tough plans for 2018:

🔥 Release at least 2 songs with 2 impressive videos (the first video was already shot on Feb 22nd and we’re crazy about that plot, believe us) 🔥 Promote those songs and videos 🔥 Tour in EU, hopefully twice 🔥 Start working on the new album (which is, in fact, partly happening right now)

Needless to say, the wages in our country, Ukraine, are far beyond the expenses we’re going to face. Naturally, we’ve been saving each and every dollar, and are boundlessly grateful for all those of you who are buying our music and merch.

We’d probably launch a Kickstarter campaign if we were in EU or USA. But it’s almost impossible to do it here, in Ukraine. We'd probably leave you our PayPal address for donations, but it doesn't work here, in Ukraine, again. That’s why you can make a donation by purchasing this ‘Support IGNEA’ option.

All that we can promise you in return is that we will work extremely hard to deliver such music and videos that you won’t regret a single penny donated to us. And we’ll be glad to hug each and every one of you when we finally reach you on tour.

Much love, Guys and a girl of IGNEA

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“Decagram” T-Shirt (IGNEA)
  • “Decagram” T-Shirt (IGNEA)


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Custom high quality t-shirt crafted by Mark J. Brash specially for IGNEA. Unique fit and selected material guaranteed. Icons of the decagram illustrate tracks of “The Sign of Faith” album. Print: Masha Goruliova, Hello Pigeon

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