CD — BESTIA (4-panel digipak w/ booklet)

CD — BESTIA (4-panel digipak w/ booklet)

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BESTIA is a concept EP about the human nature of Slavic mythological creatures and the world’s duality. In Ukrainian, BESTIA (Ukr. «бестія») means both a savage beast and a mischievous person. This is a split record that consists of songs by two Ukrainian bands — IGNEA and ERSEDU — and is a result of their 10-year friendship. 

This CD is a 4-panel digipak with a booklet. Can be signed by request.

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1. Bosorkun

2. Magura’s Last Kiss

3. Mermaids

4. Black Garden

5. The Eaters of the Sun

6. The Symphony of BESTIA (a mix of orchestral arrangements used in the five songs from the EP)