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Drip 10-Pack Mix (Limited Edition)

Drip 10-Pack Mix (Limited Edition)

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Nomads, there's no need to downgrade the quality of your coffee if you're on the road. Drip coffee packs and some hot water are just what you need here!

Together with Ukrainian professional coffee roasters, we picked up 3 different tastes for you. These 10-pack mixes are strictly limited to 125 pcs because of the rare coffee sort among them.

In each pack, you'll have:

4 x Lifelong Vagabond — Kenya AA (taste profile: black currant, cherry, hibiscus, red wine)

4 x Black Drops of Poison — Guatemala Las Palmas (green apple, red berries, cherry, caramel)

2 x Les Horizons Lointains — Colombia Gaitania Gesha (aroma: jasmine, apricot, lime, currant; taste: cocoa bean, lime, dried cherry, lollipop) — yes, this one is really limited, hence, 2 packs per package only, and this is why this drop is limited to 125 pcs.


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