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The Sign of Faith — Digi CD (6 panel w/ booklet)

The Sign of Faith — Digi CD (6 panel w/ booklet)

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The first full-length album, 6-panel digipak with a colourful booklet. Can be signed by request.

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  1. Seytanu Akbar
  2. Alexandria
  3. Petrichor
  4. Theatre of Denial
  5. Jahi
  6. Halves Rupture
  7. Last Chosen by You
  8. Alga
  9. How I Hate the Night
  10. Leviathan


Для українців діють спеціальні нижчі ціни із оплатою на картку та відправкою Новою Поштою або Укрпоштою. Для замовлення пишіть нам у соцмережі або на імейл. Переводимо частину грошей з продажу мерчу на потреби ЗСУ.


On February 24th, Russia started a full-scale war on Ukraine.

All IGNEA band members are staying in Kyiv. Every day, we are helping our bravest defenders online by beating misinformation, spreading truthful news from the epicenter of events, and donating part of our income to the Ukrainian army, volunteers, and Ukrainians in need.

We appreciate your support! Right now, we accept new merch orders and have finally resumed shipping them. But, because of the war, our postal services work way slower than usual. So, we kindly ask you for patience.

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